Bedroom Feel Extra Cold During Winter

As we are almost in mid-December, it’s no surprise that our houses have suddenly dropped in temperature. And with the current energy crisis going on in the UK, people across the country are worried about putting on their heating, as most people are not able to afford the increase in energy prices. Here at We Buy Any House, we have compiled our top tips and advice as to why your bedroom may be feeling extra cold in the winter months.

There May Be Vents That Are Covered or Closed:

A reason why your bedroom may be cold is because there may be vent that is covered or closed. If your vents are closed or covered then this may be allowing cold air to become trapped in the room, as heat is not circulating throughout the room. It’s a good idea to ensure that none of your vents are blocked or covered by your bed frame, as this can stop the warm air travelling around your room.

Your Windows May Not Be Sealed Properly:

Sometimes, if there are cracks in a part of your property, this may lead to the interior of your property becoming really cold. It’s really important that the interior of your house is sealed from the exterior, and that when you see any cracks in your window or walls, you get them fixed immediately. If you don’t get them fixed, then this could lead to you paying lots of money in damages for them to be fixed. When working with windows, this can be extra tricky, as you might need to get a window fitter to seal the cracks properly, so you don’t cause any damage to the cracks.

Make Sure You Keep Your Doors Closed:

It’s a good idea that you keep your doors closed if you find that your bedroom is getting colder. This is because cold air will escape through an open door, whereas if you keep the door closed, you are allowing the warm air to circulate through the room and therefore keep it warm. However, if you want the warmth to travel through your house, then it’s a good idea to open all the doors in your house, as this will ensure that the hot air is circulating through your house accordingly.

Your Thermostat May Need Replacing:

Sometimes, our thermostats do not accurately reflect what’s going on with the temperature in our house. If you have had your thermostat for a while, then it may need replacing- especially if the temperature in your house doesn’t seem to be responding to the input that is on your thermostat. It’s a good idea to try and replace the batteries and check your power circuits.

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