bug situation in your Nampa home

Homeowners in Nampa often have the most challenging time dealing with pests. At the start of the fall and with local weather changes, there is usually an increase in pest activity, and because most insects, bugs, and rodents are great at hiding, it can be hard to spot the signs. You may assume that the internet DIY hacks will work, but the truth is an active infestation requires immediate steps. Companies like Armis Pest Management offer comprehensive solutions for Nampa homeowners, and you can always request a free inspection to know better. In this post, we are discussing a few signs that may indicate that you have a bug situation at hand.

  1. Bite marks: It is okay to come home with a few bite marks after spending quality time outdoors. However, if you have noticed such marks on your body in the morning, bed bugs could be the likely culprit. These small insects don’t necessarily spread diseases but can be annoying and disturb your sleep. You may need to get your home cleaned and disinfected, and pest control experts can suggest further prevention tips.
  2. Bugs in the open: If you have spotted live bugs in the open, you already have a problematic infestation situation, which needs immediate remediation. Ants, roaches, spiders, and bed bugs are often seen in the open. Talk to exterminators to find effective and environment-friendly ways to eliminate these pests.
  3. Dead bugs: Just because you have noticed a few dead bugs doesn’t mean that the infestation is gone. It could be a sign of a thriving nest, and the chances are high that live insects and bugs are lurking around the corners and nooks. Let the experts examine the property and determine the best treatment plans based on the nature of the infestation.
  4. Droppings: Droppings left behind by rodents are usually large in size and easy to identify. Bugs and roaches also leave behind droppings, which may look like dust or small pellets. Do not ignore the same and get a pest control company to look at things.
  5. Odors: Pests have pheromones and can give out different kinds of odor. It could signify infestation if you think your home smells unusual, especially the basement and attic. Bugs can go undetected for a very long time, and therefore, you should take the risk of waiting for too long.

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