Spray foam roofs are among your property’s most costly and energy-efficient roofing options. Remember, most heat loss experienced in your property occurs due to poor roof installation. Insulated roofs are an excellent barrier against heat loss, and you will experience the benefits of installing this spray foam after five years.

There are numerous benefits of installing a spray foam roof on your property, which explains why they have become increasingly common. This type of roofing has become a standard solution in the roofing sector, but this does not suggest they are perfect for your residential roof.

Below we discuss the pros and cons of this type of roofing; check out Spray Foam Roofing Van Nuys for more details.

They are Easy to Install

One of the most common benefits of buying spray foam roofs is they are easy to install. Their easy installation means users save money and time compared to other roofing designs. An experienced contractor can easily apply the coasting, meaning property owners can continue using their roofs properly without disruptions.

Spray foam roofing can be applied easily to different roofs like concrete and shingles, adding an extra protection layer.

They are Flexible

Another reason you should consider spray roofs is they are highly flexible. As stated above, spray foams have different properties, and their texture ranges significantly.

You can choose the foam design depending on your roofing requirements and total budget. However, the dense and soft foam provides additional strength to your roof, thus improving your property’s structural integrity.

Improved Insulation Property

Spray foam has an improved insulation property compared to other roofing designs, saving energy bills. Remember, this roofing has a high R-value, making your house retain air during summer and warm during winter.

This feature makes it an excellent option in properties exposed to scorching summers and frigid winters.

Minimal Repairs

Repairing spray foam roofs is not a significant concern, as it does not cost much. This is possible because property owners can recoat the roof using spray foam after it wears off. The recoating occurs at a fraction of the initial installation cost.

Another benefit of carrying out a recoat is a prolonged warranty period.

Cons of Spray Foam Roofs

The main cons of spray foam roofs include the following;

An Expert must install it

Spray roofing cannot be installed by just any individual but by an experienced contractor. Remember, this roofing system is a specialized solution that requires specialized attention and care.

This means you should only hire an experienced roofing expert for the best results.

Overspray Potential

Remember, the spray foam roof is installed via application, meaning there is a risk that wind can carry overspray to surrounding surfaces and cars. Even though this is not a health concern, it damages surrounding items.

Limited Installation Window

Another disadvantage of this roofing system is it has a limited installation window.

Final Thoughts

The spray foam roofing system has many pros and cons, and the above article has discussed the most common. More information is available online.